djik ouchiian

freelance creative director / / (+49) 176 43 45 30 03


Just call me “Jack”.

Hi, my name is Djik Ouchiian.

As a freelance creative director, I enjoy working on a wide variety of analog and digital projects. I am based in Hamburg and available for concept development, campaign creation, production of photo and moving image content, and interior/exterior design.

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of working on several major international campaigns (e.g., Telekom, BOSCH, Vodafone, VISA). From concept development to coordinating photo shoots, managing large film productions, and leading teams with more than 30 employees.

Since 2016, I have been working as a freelance creative director (focus on concept & art) with a number of well-known agencies such as Jung von Matt, thjnk, Grabarz & Partner, anomaly London, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Scholz & Friends, Kolle Rebbe and many others.

You can contact me by phone +49 176 4345 3003 or by email at

You can also find me here:





2016 –
freelance creative director concept & art

2013 – 2016
thjnk: creative director / member agency board

2011 – 2013
DDB: creative director / member agency board

lecturer at the htk in Hamburg

2006 – 2011
Grabarz & Partner: creative director / group head
2004 – 2006
Grabarz & Partner: art director

2000 – 2004
Jung von Matt: art director

1993 – 1999
studies visual communication at university of applied sciences Niederrhein.

high school diploma


NY Festival 2014, Silver und Bronze:
IKEA Print „Montageservice“
One Show 2014, Silver und Merit:
IKEA Print „Montageservice“
Cannes 2013, Silver:
IKEA Print „Montageservice“
Cannes 2011, Bronze:
IKEA Outdoor „Opening“
New York Festivals 2010, Finalist:
IGFM Anzeige „Gitterhände“
New York Festivals 2010, Finalist: -Outdoor „Mobile Window“
Out of Home – Award 2009, Silver:
Vodafone DSL Surf-Sofort-Paket
ADC NY 2009, Bronze:
IGFM „Escape“
New York Festivals 2009, Bronze:
Volkswagen-TVC „Garage“
New York Festivals 2009, Bronze:
Volkswagen-Funkspot „Stereo“
Cannes 2009, Finalist:
ADC 2009, Merit:
Volkswagen-TVC „Garage“
ADC E* 2009, Nomination:
Volkswagen-TVC „Garage“
Vdw-award 2009, Nominierung:
Volkswagen-TVC „Garage“
ADC 2008, Bronze:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Epica 2008, Silver:
Volkswagen-TVC „Garage“
Epica 2008, Silver:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Eurobest 2008, Silver:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
BoB „Best of Business-to-Business“ Award, 2008, Bronze:
Wieners+Wieners-Anzeige „Lebenslauf“
The One Show 2008, Merit:
IKEA-Anzeige „Painting by numbers“
The One Show 2008, Merit:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Mobius 2008:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Eurobest 2008, Shortlist:
Volkswagen-Funkspots „Finger“
Die Klappe 2008, Bronze:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Mobius 2008, Second Place Certificate Newspaper:
IGFM-Anzeigen „Olympia“
Golden Award of Montreux 2008, Finalist:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
Die Klappe 2008, Merit:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
New York Festivals 2008, Finalist:
IKEA-Anzeige „Painting by numbers“
New York Festivals 2008, Finalist:
Arcor-Funkspots „Spamblocker“
Spotlight-Festival 2008, Silver Publikumsjury:
DEVK-TVC „Bicycle“
ADC 2007, Bronze:
Kategorie Text. Wieners+Wieners Anzeigenkampagne
London International Advertising Awards 2007, Silber:
IKEA-Anzeige „Painting by Numbers“
ADC E*, Nomination:
Augenzeuge-Kampagne „Planning“
London International Advertising Awards, 2007, Finalist:
Arcor „Spamblocker“
New York Festivals 2007, Silver:
Media Promotion. Augenzeuge-Kampagne „Planning“
ADC 2007, Auszeichnung: „Black Power“,„Panzer“, „Soldat“
ADC 2007, Merit:
Grundig-Funkspots „Timeshift“
Eurobest 2007, Shortlist: Anzeige „Black Power“
Die Klappe 2007, Finalist:
London International Advertising Awards, 2007, Finalist:
Arcor-Funkspots „Spamblocker“
ADC 2006, Bronze:
Wieners+Wieners Fachanzeige „Böller“
ADC 2006, Auszeichnung:
Wieners+Wieners Lektoratkampagne
ARD Radio Stars 2006, Gewinner:
DEVK-TVC „Zug“, „Auto“
Mobius 2006, Certificate for outstanding creativity:
Wieners+Wieners-Anzeige „Böller“
Effie 2006, Finalist:
Brigitte G+J Hörbuchedition
Die Anzeige 2006, Bronze:
Augenzeuge. Anzeigen „Black Power“, „Panzer“, „Soldat“
New York Festivals 2006, Finalist:
DEVK-Anzeige „Cat“
Epica 2005, Bronze:
DEVK-TVC „Train“
New York Festivals 2005, NYF/ AME-Award:
IKEA Katalogeinführungskampagne
ADC 2002, Bronze:
Lotto-Hessen-Promotion „Rad“